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Disharmony of Spheres

Disharmony of Spheres was an interactive art exhibition by art duo Foo/Skou (link), showcased at Nikolaj Kunsthall in Copenhagen (29th of May – 22nd of August, 2021). As part of the AIR Lab ITU (link), I developed the interactive framework consisting of a large scale tracking solution, and the interactive sound design. This was created in close collaboration with the two artists. Disharmony of Spheres consists of 81 singing ceramic objects installed in nine groupings — one for each planet in our Solar System as well as the dwarf planet Pluto. The design, texture, melody sequences and sound design of the objects are based on the planet’s orbital frequencies, their layered constructions as well as a number of philosophical worldviews.

Work 1
Work 2
Work 3

Location: Nikolaj Kunsthal 2021.

Credits: Louise Foo, Martha Skou, Halfdan Hauch Jensen, Victor Permild, Thomas Kaufmanas, Jonas Fritsch.

Video: Contributed by Foo/Skou.